Day out in Zhuhai: Beishan 北山

by Tatiana Luna

Xiaoxuan 霄璇, who has been visiting us from Fuzhou for a week, Isabelle and I explored this cool little area tucked away near the gargantuan Huafa New Town 华发新城 complex.  Beishan village has a few beautifully preserved examples of Qing architecture, including the Beishan Art Gallery 北山会馆, the Yang family house 揚室, and Beishan Hall, where one can catch movies and music on occasion, such as the recent Beishan Jazz Festival.  This area has an undeveloped and empty feel, as if these old houses were restored for the sake of tourism or local revenue but the crowds of tourists have never arrived.  I didn’t mind this though.  It had the feeling of treasure I had to dig for, with the long taxi ride across town, and the little art gallery that doesn’t usually open for anybody except business groups, but opened for us, because I’m an American who came all this way.image

There’s also a cute little coffee shop that we hung out in for a while called July 1st 七月一号。We got free donuts and homemade cheesecake.  Needless to say, Isabelle had a nice little sugar high today.image