Adventures with Kallos & Sophia

by Tatiana Luna

Not the intensity but the duration of high feelings makes high men.

~Friedrech Nietzsche

I am on a mission in life: to live a good life as I am constantly defining it.  I have been a careless hedonist, a lonely hermetic monk, a fearless traveler, a dependent Christian wife, and at different times an utterly lost soul.  I still carry each of these people with me; I still learn from them from time to time.  But my current incarnation reaches something more whole and beautiful than any one of these: I am Tatiana Luna, mother, wife, and teacher.I am a builder, building a family, and in the meantime building more permanent, robust structures in myself than ever before.  My search for Kallos and Sophia has always been there; It is now more than ever what guides most of my decisions in life, including how I try to spend my time each day.  I am what I seek, and I want to stretch myself out further in search of the materials that I can use to build my good life.  Over and over I come back to writing as an essential part of this process. Writing has been my enemy of sorts over the past couple years, as I have struggled with inner demons and laid low.  Now I am ready to reconcile with the act of writing and pull myself into the light of other people’s gaze.

I’m starting a few projects this spring (it’s already turning into Spring here in Zhuhai):

  • A read through of the Bible (KJV) with a goal of reading quickly and getting a sense of the whole.
  • Isabelle’s education: researching Montessori methods, developing projects for the present, and planning projects and designing an environment for the coming year back in America.  If I get into school for the fall, we will still homeschool, so planning ahead will be very helpful.
  • Help out with Civitas in whatever way I can.  I am currently the Secretary, but I hope to write an article or two as well.
  • Improve my Chinese in China while I still can.  I am soon instituting a day once a week where I will only speak Chinese with Isabelle and Christopher.  At first, there might be a lot more silence and confusion, but this will force me to learn new words and reconnect with some Chinese friends here.

I hope to write about each of these projects at some point.  In addition, I hope to get some of the insights I’ve gained from my time in China finally into writing.