My Little Light of Moon

by Tatiana Luna

At the risk of appearing like a flaky fool, I have yet again restyled and renamed my blog: Light of Moon: Building Culture in the Luna Family.  The major themes will be childhood education, family, parenting, and my experiences in China and with all of the above.  After a week pouring myself into research on the Montessori philosophy and activities (hereherehere and here are some good examples) and lots of reflection on how my research will re-shape our family life, the name came to me in a flash this morning.

~Isabelle Clara Luna: Pledged to God Light of the Moon~

My Light of Moon

O, how I love the intent eyes.

My daughter has been the greatest source of inspiration and change in my life and my self.  What I said in Kallos & Sophia and my reason for choosing that name remain true to my underlying desires, but the name reflects a tendency towards sometimes overwrought existentialism on my part that I now wish to take a back seat to a focus on the raw materials and concrete actions that make up a life and subsequently, Tatiana Luna.  Isabelle Clara Luna — my visions for homeschooling her and in effect creating a cohesive, unique family life in which we can all flourish–is so bound up in who I am right now that to put her anywhere but front and center on my blog doesn’t make sense.

And the old banner?  Too focused on China.  Yeah, we’re living here now.  But not for much longer, and most of the insights I’ve gained from my current sojourn begin with “I don’t like this because…”  It’s not that I hate China, it’s that it’s not my home and right now I am trying to create family.  My interest in China is more intellectual than from the heart.  It’s not that I’m in love with America now, it’s that America will give me more freedom, more materials, more people I love and can love in the future, and thus more beautiful possibilities for my creation of family.  If a country and it’s culture, economy, etc. are the canvas on which ones paints family life (because that culture, etc. provides the raw materials to work with), then China is bankrupt for me in this area.  We cannot remain an family island for much longer.

In the next couple months, I will be waiting to hear back from the three graduate programs I ended up applying to (Harvard East Asian Studies MA, Harvard Divinity, and UCSB East Asian Studies) and Christopher is waiting also (for replies from many more PhD programs).  We already know he got into UC Santa Barbara so at least we know that one place might be called home for five years or more.  When we know all this information, the decision making and planning will begin in an official hurry.  In the meantime, I am making this apartment and environment work as home and learning environment as best I can.

So now the real content can begin, and I am really hoping to increase my readership.  If you like what I will soon start writing about, please spread the word!