Anniversary of the Tiananmen Square Massacre 六四事件周年

by Tatiana Luna

June 1 was Children’s Day in China.  Children had a day off from school.  Their parents bought them presents and took them out to play.  It is one of the few days of the year they get to do what they want just for being children.

Today, June 4 is the Anniversary of the Tiananmen Square Massacre in 1989.  It has been 22 years.  There is no official remembrance of this day; It has been practically wiped from the face of history within the country.  But today I wonder how many people are remembering to themselves.  Where are all the people who were scarred in various ways by this event?  What are they doing on this day?  How many who were not physically harmed or close to someone harmed have let the memory slip away?  I try to imagine all the people I have met in my time here participating in an event such as this, and it’s very hard to imagine.  They have been subdued.

I marvel at the power of time (and propaganda) to paint over individual memories and wills.  There must be some dark place in the minds of many people in this country where memories still flicker.  It must be a very dark place in this era of shining modernism, towers of wealth, highways filled with luxury cars, and a network of censorship so insidious and thorough that many of my generation do not even know this day existed.

Watch this video and pass it on.  I want to remember for the Chinese nation, since they are prevented from remembering for themselves.