Under Construction

Culture is something malleable, constantly evolving, constantly dying and being reborn. Some of the many building blocks of culture include family units, local communities, media, methods of education, their curricula and their practice, schools, places of worship, companies and corporations, stores and markets.  On an even more basic level, the rituals and habits that fill our life, especially the ones surrounding rites of passage, frame our minds and hearts.

While I am interested in all of these blocks and how they are interconnected, at the moment I am most concerned with building culture at the family and local community levels.  I spend a lot of time thinking about relationships, how and what to teach my daughters, how to make our family as strong as possible while recognizing our interconnectedness to others, how to live with less waste, making use of everything we acquire and only acquiring what we need.  As a feminist, I think a lot about the power and strength of women, the importance of community among women, and the importance of the mother-daughter relationship.  I think about how scientific understanding can complement, augment, or detract from our spiritual understandings of our selves and our world.  I think a lot about the practices, rituals, and habits that create the space for consciousness and clarity for myself.

I am striving to make my life a creative endeavor, building culture one moment at a time.